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The Last 4,200 Years Of Earth's History Now Have Their Own Geographical 'Age'

By Alex Maxx

Geologists have a new name for the past 4,200 years: The Meghalayan Age. 

Years of research have gone into studying this age. 

It is said to have started with a drought and cooling, which disturbed and destroyed civilizations across the globe. These agriculture-based societies collapsed during this 200-year climactic disaster and people who didn't perish migrated toward places like Greece, Egypt, and Mesopotamia. There is evidence of this event throughout all seven continents.

There are three subdivisions: Greenlandian, Northgrippian, and Meghalayan. Updated now to include the new distinct age, this chart depicts a thorough, complete timeline for the geologic history of the Earth. 

Here is a more detailed breakdown of the International Chronostratigraphic Chart: