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Source: Screenshot NBC News Video

Woman Faked Cancer To Trick New Jersey Couple Into Taking Care Of Her For Months, Police Say

By Vanessa Nix Anthony

NBC News is reporting that a woman in New Jersey allegedly tricked a family into caring for her by telling them she was dying of brain cancer.

Victims Steve and Linda Evans (not the Dynasty star), say they took con artist, Kiley White into their home for five weeks under the guise that she was terminal and had no safe place to spend her remaining days.


Egg Harbor Township police detectives believe it was a hoax, one that they allege White has pulled before in Pittsburgh and South Jersey, though she was never formally charged. 

NBC says the Evans met White though a mutual friend in early June this year and they decided to take her in because she had a "traumatic family history," and no where to live out her final days.White, who has now been charged with theft by deception and harassment for what the Evans' allege was "all lies," seems to have taken her acting responsibilities seriously while staying at the Evans' home.