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Source: Pelham Polie Department/

Young Man Who Had To Walk 20 Miles To His First Day Of Work Gets A Surprise From The CEO ❤️

By Collin Gossel

When Walter Carr's car broke down the night before his first day of work, he was left with one mode of transportation: walking. The first home he'd be working in as part of Bellhops moving company was about 20 miles from his house, which meant he'd have to wake up before dawn, after just four hours of sleep, and make the lengthy trek before spending the rest of the day lifting heavy boxes before heading home. When the company's CEO heard Carr's story, he knew this employee deserved a special bonus. 

About halfway through his 20-mile hike, Carr stopped to rest his aching legs, at which point he was approached by Officer Mark Knighten of the Pelham Police Department. After hearing how much longer Carr still had to walk, Knighten was joined by Officers Carl Perkinson and Klint Rhodes, and all three took the young man to breakfast.