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Source: (@chalametinart/Instagram)

Someone Is Adding Timothée Chalamet's Face To Classic Works Of Art—And We Can't Look Away 😂

By Koh Mochizuki

Oscar-nominated actor Timotheé Chalamet has classical features that apparently transcend time. The 22-year-old's prominent cheekbones work on both the silver screen and on canvas.

In his role in Luca Guadagnino's Call Me By Your Name, Chalamet looked perfectly at home in the pastoral landscape of the Northern Italian countryside circa 1983. His turn as a young coffee shop musician was equally convincing in the contemporary Greta Gerwig-directed film Lady Bird.

One graphic artist noticed the young actor's features and incorporated him into familiar works of art to demonstrate that Chalamet's beauty is timeless.

Instagrammer "Chalametinart" believes that even great artists like da Vinci may have been inspired by Chalamet's visage. 

Here's how Richard Westall might see him in this 1813 painting.