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Source: Twitter / @LATbermudez

Video Captures Emotional Reunion Between Asylum Seeker And His 6-Year-Old Son After 2-Month Separation πŸ’”

By Alex Maxx

Hermelindo Che Coc was emotional as he reunited with his son, Jefferson, who was taken from him and held in a detention center for 46 days. 

Che Coc and Jefferson were detained at the border in El Paso, Texas, before being seperated, while traveling to the United States from Guatemala. The two of them were seeking refuge from a crime-stricken area. Jefferson was held in a shelter called Cayuga Centers in New York.

For the first 25 days Che Coc was detained, he received no information on the whereabouts of his son.

Che Coc spoke to his son once he was released, and Jefferson said:

Papa, I thought they killed you. You separated from me. You don’t love me anymore?

Che Coc assured his son that he loved him and wasn't leaving him:

No, my son. I’m crying for you. I promise, soon you will be with me.

He was able to speak to his son just three times in almost two months after they were separated at the border.