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Source: Instagram: giuliatordini

'Barbie Feet' Is The Newest Beauty Trend On Instagram That We Can't Live Up To

By Mustafa Gatollari

Trying to look like a real-life Barbie Doll can yield some pretty unnerving results. There's no shortage of people trying to make themselves look like humanoid versions of popular Mattel figures, so when one sees that "Barbie Feet" is trending on Instagram, it's easy to wonder just what kind of cosmetic procedures people are performing on their bottom digits in order to attain unrealistic body standards.

But fret not, because the latest Instagram beauty trend doesn't involve going under the knife. So, what exactly are Barbie Feet and how do you perfect the trend?  

Barbie Feet is the latest pose that selfie-loving Instagrammers are flooding their feeds with in the everlasting pursuit of flexing-to-look-your-most-glamorous-to-a-bunch-of-strangers-you'll-probably-never-meet. Which is entirely the point of "flexing for the 'gram," so if you wanna learn how to perfect the art of the Barbie foot, it's quite simple.

Imagine you're wearing high heels. Now, just remove the high heels. Voila, you've got the Barbie foot-pose down pat. Allow the illustrious Kourtney Kardashian to demonstrate as she poses with a Super Soaker.

Different poses accentuate different parts of the body, even an amateur 'grammer knows that. Barbie Feet create the illusion that you have longer legs, so if you've got a cute swimsuit, especially a high-riding one-piece, then it's going to look like you have gams for days.

Now Bella Hadid, who stands at 5'9, doesn't need much more help to look tall, but even she's opted for the Barbie pose in this photo, making her already lengthy limbs reach into Daddy Long Legs territory.