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Source: Twitter: @keaton_thomas

Witnesses Intervene Before Racist Oregon Man Can Push Black Teen Into Oncoming Traffic

By Mark LoProto

Another day, another instance of dangerous, overt racism, this time in the Pacific Northwest.

The incident unfolded on a street in Beaverton, Oregon, when a white male was spotted assaulting a black teenage girl. Thirty-seven-year-old Samuel Corbett was arrested on Monday, July 9, after witnesses reported that he had been harassing and endangering a 17-year-old girl.

According to witness Ain Avila who heard the teen’s screams, Corbett could be heard yelling racial slurs at the young girl and threatening to kill her. 

Avila pulled into the gas station parking lot where the assault was happening and confronted Corbett. Two other men, including Douglas Short, a gas station employee, also stepped in to protect the girl.