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Source: Getty Images

Dog Lovers Clap Back On Twitter After Op-Ed Calls Dogs 'Parasites' 😡

By Vanessa Nix Anthony

An op-ed piece in the San Diego Union-Tribune referred to dogs as "parasitic" and people on Twitter weren't having it.

The article by Chris Reed referenced and echoed science journalist Stephen Budiansky's 2000 book The Truth About Dogs, which originated as a cover article in The Atlantic and sought to redefine the meaning behind the relationship between man and canine using science

In Reed's article, after detailing some of the extreme ways in which our society has come to pamper dogs (plastic surgery, designer clothes, spas) and position them as equals or near equals in our lives (referring to ourselves as their mommy or daddy), he argued that dogs are closer to master manipulators than man's best friend.

The piece ended:

So is that love in your dog’s eyes — or is that the look of a con man sizing up his mark? Science says it’s the latter. Sorry, world.  

The full article appeared on Twitter:

In the opinions of many commenters on the thread, Morris Animal Refuge was the real hero of the day, using the op-ed piece as a way to attract attention to dogs like Comet that are in need of adoption. 

Just look at his sweet face: