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Source: Bored Panda

Massive 2,000 Year Old Granite Sarcophagus Found in Egypt Is Like Something Straight Out Of 'The Mummy'

By Mark LoProto

We’ve all seen the movies, so we’re all pretty clear on how this is going to play out.

In the heart of the cradle of civilization, Egyptian authorities in the Sidi Gaber district of Alexandria happened upon a tomb during an archeological dig. Measuring at 72.8-inches by 104.3-inches by 65-inches, the black granite coffin is the largest to be unearthed within the city.

This story is a goldmine for lovers of superstitions, mummies, and curses, especially considering Smithsonian Magazine reports the tomb hasn’t been opened in over 2,000 years. Located 16-feet below ground, it’s estimated that the coffin dates to around 305 to 30 B.C., the Ptolemaic period. It was during this period that the Ptolemaic dynasty ruled over Egypt, starting with Ptolemy I Soter on November 7, 305 B.C.