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Source: Towfiqu Photography/Getty images, Twitter: @adultblackmale

This iTunes Scammer Clearly Picked The Wrong Person To Target πŸ˜‚

By Aimee Lutkin

Sometimes I almost feel bad for scammers, because it seems like everyone is always trolling them. Hot girls on Twitter or Facebook looking for money or people posing as the IRSβ€”they get jerked around a lot by every smartass they come across. But the scams must work sometimes or they wouldn't keep trying, so for the people getting suckered by these liars: let the revenge trolling continue!

Twitter user @adultblackmale, or CJ, shared his version of fun, screenshotting a conversation with someone who may be the stupidest scammer on the Internet. CJ got very, very creative.

One thing I do admire about scammers is that they are persistent. You can say all sorts of weird stuff to them and they'll kind of just go along with it, because their mind is set on one goal. Scamming. 

Like, you can tell them you own a private prison for dogs, and that's just a piece of info they need to absorb to get their iTunes gift card code: