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Source: Buzzfeed

Premature Baby Dies After Parents Refuse To Seek Medical Help Due To Their Religious Beliefs

By Mark LoProto

When it comes to the health of a newborn baby, especially one that’s born premature, there should be no hesitation to allow medical professionals to do their job. A couple from Oregon City, OR, however, had a different mindset when it came to one of their two premature twin girls.

Twenty-four-year-old Sarah Mitchell and her husband, Travis, 21, were sentenced to six years in prison for refusing medical treatment for their twin baby, resulting in the infant’s death. The twins, Ginnifer and Evelyn, were born seven weeks before their expected delivery date in front of 60 onlookers and members of the Followers of Christ Church. 

Followers of Christ Church is known for practicing faith healing and is strictly against accepting medical care and modern medicine, so when one of the twins, Ginnifer, started to show difficulty breathing, their first thought wasn’t to rush to the hospital.