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Source: Twitter

This Father Is Able To Breastfeed His Daughter With The Help Of Innovative Device

By Vanessa Nix Anthony

Photos of a dad breastfeeding his newborn daughter using a special device have gone viral, and he's hoping it will have a positive ripple effect on fathers-to-be.

His name is Maxamillian Neubauer and when his wife April was unable to feed her baby for the first time due to complications during an emergency c-section on June 26th, he accepted a nurse's offer to use a supplemental nursing system (SNS) to feed the baby. 

The device—which in this case was handmade by the nurse—uses a fake nipple shield, a feeding tube, and syringe to administer formula. The mother had wanted the baby to reap the benefits of immediate skin-on-skin contact (kangaroo care). For Maxamillian there was no hesitation—he wanted to honor his wife's wishes.

Check it out:


Commenters on Facebook were overwhelmingly supportive, describing the act as beautiful and giving kudos to Maxamillian: