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Source: Facebook: Tiffany Ferris

Walmart Employee Makes Up Fake Policy To Chastise Boy With Muscular Issues Using Motorized Cart: 'I Don't Really Care"

By B. Miller

A Walmart in Winter Haven, Florida, is under scrutiny after employees recently reprimanded a young disabled boy for using a motorized cart in their stores. 

The young boy, Cameron, is a 10-year-old who has a a language and muscular development delay. When he joined his parents for a Walmart shopping trip, his legs started to spasm so his parents put him in a motorized cart so he could finish shopping with them without as much discomfort.

 Upon seeing him in the cart, a Walmart employee told him he could not ride in the cart. Cameron's father tried to explain his disability to the employee but was only met with resistance. 

He then sought out a floor manager who reconciled the situation and assured the family it would not happen again.

However, minutes later, the family was using the self-checkout line and another employee told Cameron he could not be in the cart.

This time his mother, Tiffany, spoke up and told the employee that he really is disabled and needs the cart, to which the employee replied, 

"I don't really care about that, but minors can’t ride our carts; it’s policy because it’s a liability."