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Source: Disney

People Are Shook When They Find Out The Singing Voice Of Simba Is Someone They Already Know

By B. Miller

Millennials love their Disney movies. After all, the studio saw a resurgence in the popularity (and profitability) of their animated films during millennials' childhoods.

And people repeatedly get into arguments over which Disney Classic from their childhood is "the best". But time and time again one film has been declared Disney's "best". 

I'm talking about The Lion King.

Full of adventure, romance and lessons in loyalty, The Lion King quickly became a classic after its 1994 release. Like many smash hits, the characters were voiced by Hollywood stars. 

The lead character, Simba, is seen as both a child and an adult. Child star of the time, Jonathan Taylor Thomas, is the voice of Simba as a cub while Matthew Broderick provided the voice of adult Simba.

Despite several turns on Broadway, many people will not be surprised to know that Broderick did not provide Simba's singing voice. But what you might be shocked to learn is that Simba's vocals were sung by Joseph Williams.

Does the name sound familiar? Joseph Williams is the son of famous film composer, John Williams. 

But wait, it gets better. Williams is also the lead singer of the band Toto. 

Toto. As in the group that recorded the hit tune Africa