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A Homophobic Mayor Who Called Gays 'An Abomination' Is Resigning Thanks To This Fierce Drag Queen

By Alex Maxx

Richard Smith has resigned as Mayor of Ferryhill in the UK.

The reason behind this departure? He was exposed as a bigoted homophobe by a local drag queen, Tess Tickle. 

Smith gained the political local office earlier in the year for the small town, which has a population of a mere 9,000 people, settled in County Durham. 

Tickle decided to dig up dirt on the newly elected official and shared several of his social media posts, one even saying that gays are "worthy of death" and an abomination. 

Smith also happens to be a preacher and has been spreading the message of 'traditional marriage' on social media as well as at the Immanuel Christian Fellowship. 

Some of his anti-gay propaganda has been removed by Facebook: