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Source: Chip Somodevilla/Paul Morigi/Getty Images

Even Fox News Host Laura Ingraham Thinks Scott Pruitt Has Gotta Go, Saying He 'Is The Swamp'

By Collin Gossel

Support is quickly fading within the Republican party for President Trump's Environmental Protection Agency Administrator, Scott Pruitt. In the past several months, stories describing the rampant corruption and lack of concern for the environment among EPA leadership have been dripping out at a steady pace. Things have gotten so bad, in fact, that even Fox News pundits like Laura Ingraham feel they can no longer defend Pruitt's continued leadership of the agency.

The amount of unethical behavior a Republican must participate in to warrant a denouncement from Fox News is pretty stunning. In the past week, it was revealed Pruitt told a congressional aide to find a job for his wife paying more than $200k. Later that same day, CNN broke a story about Pruitt keeping a secret calendar to hide controversial meetings from the world.