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Source: WYFF4

Woman's Decomposed Body Found Years After Family Believed South Carolina Funeral Home Cremated Her Remains

By Mark LoProto

When you pay a funeral home to properly handle your loved one’s remains, you expect that establishment to do exactly that. As one family in South Carolina found out, however, First Family Funeral Home doesn’t quite understand their end of the bargain.

After Mary Alice Pitts Moore passed away in March 2015, her family paid to have her cremated at the Spartanburg funeral home. On February 8, 2018, however, a decomposed body was found in a storage room of the funeral home and was later identified as 63-year-old Moore. 

The family, specifically Moore’s husband Fred Parker Jr. and her son Taras Parker, have filed a lawsuit against the funeral home, which knowingly left the remains to rot in the storage room. When Moore’s body was found, International Business Times reports, there was a “sheet over it surrounded by fragrances to overpower the smell."

Taras Parker spoke to Post and Courier, stating “I just thought she would be in a better place somewhere.”