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Source: Screenshot Fox 5

Furious Priest Tells Black Funeral-Goers To 'Get The Hell Out' Of His Church—And Calls The Cops On Them

By Jonna Ivin-Patton

The funeral for Agnes Hicks came to an abrupt end when Pastor Michael Briese threw mourners out of the church after someone accidentally broke a chalice. The aftermath (which was captured on cell phones), in what appears to be a one-sided argument, erupted between the pastor and the family of the deceased. 

Pastor Briese told the family to get out of his church, then called the police. When officers arrived, they determined the family had done nothing wrong. Hick's casket was removed from the church by family members and the police escorted them to another church to continue with the funeral services.  

 Larry Hicks, Agnes' brother told reporters:

This was uncalled for and it really hurt me. It really did To see your loved one come there to rest and to be shut down like that.