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Thanks To Germany, Mexico and South Korea Become Unexpected Besties

By Dana Levinson

The 2018 World Cup has been in full swing this past week. Germany was the reigning champion, and they suffered a humiliating blow on the field when they lost to South Korea 2-0. South Korea had just lost two matches and were basically out of the competition, and Germany had just beat Sweden in their previous game. Needless to say, the victory was a shocker.

However, simultaneously, the Mexican team was in a losing battle against Sweden. But when news broke of South Korea's victory, the Mexican team and their fans had the slow dawning realization that this meant they got to live to fight another day as well. South Korea had already lost two matches, and are out of the tournament despite their win, but, Mexico will remain in group F and live on to fight group E favorite, Brazil.

Fans of Mexico were celebrating South Korea on the streets...