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Source: Scott Heins / Stringer

Here's How A 'Democratic Socialist' Is Different From A Regular Socialist

By Mark LoProto

Are you tired of not knowing the difference between Socialist and “Democratic Socialist?” After Rep. Joe Crowley’s defeat to 28-year-old Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, the question started to circulate again. While some have used the word “socialist” to describe Ocasio-Cortez, the definition of the term doesn’t quite fit into her political platform.

Overall, “socialist” is kind of a four-letter word in the American political climate. The concept of complete social control, either by the state or the workers, over private property and the distribution of income tends to bring up fears and resentment toward the Soviet Union and an age of Soviet spies nestled within the United States government. Ultimately, socialism wants to rid the ability of big corporations controlling any aspect of society and aims to have it distributed via a democratically elected government.