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Source: Facebook: Nicole.Arteaga1

Walgreens Pharmacist Denies Pregnant Woman Suffering Miscarriage Her Medication For 'Ethical' Reasons

By Mark LoProto

If you thought we were getting anywhere nearer to 100% equal rights between men and women, let this story out of Peoria, AZ set the record straight. We’re far from it and the path we’re currently spiraling down is a terrifying one for women.

Nicole Mone took to Facebook and Instagram on Friday to discuss an incident at a Walgreens in Peoria, AZ. She starts off talking about an earlier miscarriage and a second pregnancy that, unfortunately, was going to end in the same way. 

The doctor gave her options, either undergo a dilation and curettage procedure or take a prescribed medication. As the D&C is known to be uncomfortable, she “opted for prescription.”

Unfortunately, when Mone went to pick up her prescription at the local Walgreens, she was met with conservative pharmacist, Brian Hreniuc, who was more inclined to stick to his ethical beliefs rather than consider the health of the woman standing in front of him.