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Source: Botched restorations Screenshot/Twitter

Botched 'Restoration' Of A 16th-Century Statue Is Drawing Comparisons To That Spanish Fresco

By Vanessa Nix Anthony

This likeness of St. George is a #EpicFail.

There it sat, five hundred years as a beloved statue, aging in an alcove of St. Michael’s Church in Estella, a town in northern Spain, and earning every bit of faded paint, cracks, and blemishes it had acquired over the years. 

But now the 16th-century wooden figure of St. George, which according to the New York Times, "was a rare example of the use of 'polychrome' layers of paint" with 'incredible detail to the armor,'" has been ruined.

And it's reminding everyone of another botched work—the Ecce Homo fresco of Jesus.