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Source: Facebook: Charlotte.Clymer

Trans Woman Kicked Out Of D.C. Restaurant For Refusing To Show ID Before Using The Bathroom

By Mark LoProto

Ready for your daily dose of nonsense? The media focus fell on a D.C. area restaurant and Charlotte Clymer, a transgender woman. The restaurant, Cuba Libre Restaurant and Rum Bar, landed itself in hot water after a manager attempted to throw Clymer out after an incident with their bathroom.

While out enjoying the evening with friends, Clymer went to use the bathroom. As she is a transgender woman, she attempted to use the women's restroom. Before she could enter, however, a staff member blocked her and asked to see her ID. According to the staff member, they wanted to see if her identification proved she was female.

Last night, I was told by the manager of Cuba Libre Restaurant & Rum Bar - Washington D.C. that I couldn't use the women...

Posted by Charlotte Clymer on Saturday, June 23, 2018