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Source: Unilad and Twitter: @KatieKward

Georgia Teacher Has A Simple Request Instead Of Flowers For Her Funeral—And The Response Was Overwhelming

By Mark LoProto

People often have special requests for when they pass away. Whether they want to be cremated or buried, where they want their ashes spread, what song they want played at the wake — but a teacher in Forsyth, GA, had a request that had nothing to do with herself. As selfless in death as she had been in life, Tammy Waddell requested that, in lieu of flowers, people spend that money on school supplies.

Before passing away on June 9 after a lengthy battle against cancer, Waddell ensured that those that attended her funeral knew what her wishes were. Waddell’s cousin, Dr. Brad Johnson, grabbed a picture of her funeral, showing just how much people listened to the late teacher’s final wish.