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Source: Twitter: @philshaw, @michelletuckerr

A YouTuber Convention Turned Into A Complete Disaster, And People Were Livid

By B. Miller

Earlier this year, YouTube star and personality, Tana Mongeau, felt snubbed by VidCon, a convention for online video creators and fans. Apparently VidCon didn't consider Tana a "featured creator", meaning she wouldn't be provided with as much security as she wanted during the convention. 

With over 3.5 million subscribers and 1 million Instagram followers, it is understandable that Tana is concerned about security. 

So, unwilling to risk it at VidCon, Tana decided to take matters into her own hands. 

Approximately two months ago, Tana and her management team decided to put up TanaCon. Tana and her fellow creator friends rented out space in an Anaheim Marriott for the fan event.

Cut to Friday, the day of TanaCon. 

By the early afternoon, thousands of people were lined up outside waiting in the hot California sun to get into a ballroom with a maximum capacity of maybe 1,000 people.

Tana and fans alike were amazed by the support-in-numbers TanaCon was receiving.