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Source: DMC / Contributor

Prince William Reveals The Moment That Got Him 'Street Cred' With Son George

By Mark LoProto

Here’s a phrase you probably never expected to hear — William, Prince of England, has “street cred.” Granted, it’s with his four-year-old son, Prince George. During a speech at a new state-of-the-art rehabilitation center for men and women injured in combat, the former serviceman of the Royal Air Force revealed what it took to earn respect from his preschooler.

“I have been the Patron of the [Defense and National Rehabilitation Center] for four years and I have enjoyed every single moment of it,” he begins. “Along the way, I have demolished a building — George was at an age at the time that he loved seeing the digger in action, so it did my street cred as a father a world of good.”