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Source: Millie Bobby Brown’s Anti-Bullying Message | 2018 MTV Movie & TV Awards

Millie Bobby Brown Had Some Frank Words For Bullies During Her MTV Awards Speech

By Vanessa Nix Anthony

Netflix Stranger Things' actress and all around cool kid, Millie Bobby Brown took home her own golden popcorn (via pre-recorded video) for Best Performance in a Show at the MTV Awards on Monday. 

While thanking everyone in her acceptance speech MBB, who was recently the target of a ridiculous false homophobic meme, decided to take a moment to get serious about the issue of bullying saying:

  Finally, since I know that there are many young people watching this — and even to the adults, too — they could probably use the reminder that I was taught, if you don't have anything nice to say, just don't say it. There should be no space in this world for bullying, and I'm not going to tolerate it. And neither should any of you.

She finished with a sweet call to action for anyone who may be feeling less than, saying:

  If you need a reminder of how worthy you are, and to rise above the hate, message me on Instagram.

Watch her MTV Awards acceptance speech and anti-bullying message here: