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Source: Narrow escape for Forest Range Officer after python almost strangles him

Park Ranger Nearly Strangled By 18-Ft Python While Posing For Selfies

By Vanessa Nix Anthony

A forest range officer in the Indian state of West Bengal learned his lesson the hard way when it comes to taking selfies on the job. According to NDTV the ranger had been called in by villagers to capture the rock python because it had killed and eaten a goat. 

Ranger Sanjoy Dutta and his assistants helped to trap the snake in the village in Jalpaiguri 373 miles from Kolkata. Dutta then decided to hang the 18-foot snake, which weighed in at roughly 88 lbs, around his neck and pose for pics with villagers. That's when the python began to wrap itself around Dutta's neck — nearly strangling him. Thankfully villagers and members of his team helped to free him.   

NDTV said:

  The normal procedure in such cases is the snake would be stuffed into a sack and carried away, to be released into the forest later.

Twitter users sided with the snake...