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Source: YouTube

Edna Mode From 'The Incredibles' Looks Eerily Familiar--Now We Know Why

By Dana Levinson

Superhero costume designer Edna Mode is a fan favorite of the Incredibles franchise, with her trademark snark worming its way into all our hearts. 

The character was inspired by the fact that the director, Brad Bird, always found it implausible that a superhero like Peter Parker was sewing his own outfits. In a "real" superhero-filled world, he thought, there had to be a famous superhero outfit designer. People have noticed, however, that Edna looks somewhat familiar.

Many have speculated that she's based on Oscar winning costume designer Edith Head, or Comme des Garcons founder Rei Kawakubo...

Source: NYPost

Left: Edna Mode, Top Right: Rei Kawakubo, Bottom Right: Edith Head

Brad Bird denied the connection in an interview with the New York Post, saying...

"The funny thing is that when I was promoting the first film all over the world, she was the only character everyone was convinced was based on someone from their country."

He explained that he always saw Edna as half German and half Japanese:

"Those are both relatively small countries that have sort of an enormous impact [and] outstanding technical products coming from them. That’s what she is: a compact person with a very large personality and influence."