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Source: Circa

Minnesota Woman Manages To Get Her Head Stuck In An Oversized Exhaust Pipe

By Mark LoProto

We’ve all had those moments that we’d like to forget. You know, the embarrassing things we do that our brain conjures up when we’re feeling good to bring us down a notch. Luckily, we’re typically the only ones that know it happened. For a 19-year-old Minnesota woman, however, her moment was captured on camera and has become a viral hit.

According to the Associated Press, Kaitlyn Strom’s “exhaust-ing ordeal” (their pun, not ours) unfolded at the Winstock Music Festival in Winsted, MN. There’s no known reason as to why - though alcohol is expected to have been involved - but at one point during the festival, the woman decided it was time to stick her head into a truck’s oversized tailpipe.