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NASA Believes They Have A Lot To Learn About Alien Life From An Unusual Source: An Undersea Volcano

By Mark LoProto

The search for alien life continues, and most recently, NASA has realized it may need to turn to an unexpected source to even learn how to hunt for the elusive ET. Rather than look to the stars, a team of NASA researchers will be taking their expedition 3,000’ below the surface of the Pacific Ocean to better understand how alien life could form and survive in our solar system.

The expedition, called SUBSEA, will travel deep below the Hawaii’s Big Island to explore the Lo’ihi volcano. NASA is partnering with the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) to use a seafaring research vessel to explore Lo’ihi. Submerged volcanoes are known to be teeming with microbial life and NASA hopes to use what it finds to determine how life is able to thrive and exist in lightless, harsh environments.