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Minnesota Woman's Obituary Starts Off Normal, But Takes A Very Brutal Turn 😮

By Mark LoProto

Obituaries usually honor a loved one’s life and the people they've left behind. That wasn’t the case for Kathleen Dehmlow, who passed away on May 31, 2018. Someone close to her wrote a scathing obituary that will surely leave a tarnished memory of the late Dehmlow — not that it doesn’t sound like she deserved it. 


Kathleen Dehmlow sounds like a colorful old woman, the type they write biopics about. Or maybe a Lifetime movie. The obituary starts off normal, with a brief introduction to her early life and her children, Gina and Jay. Born on March 19, 1938, Kathleen winds up not quite fitting the bill of the typical compassionate and sensitive Pisces.