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Source: Screenshot Twitter Reuters

Philippine President Duterte Kisses Random Married Woman As Crowd Cheers In 'Despicable Display Of Sexism'

By Jonna Ivin-Patton

Feminists are denouncing what appears to be a harmless little joke by Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte when on an official visit to South Korea he persuaded a woman to allow him to kiss her on the lips in exchange for a free book. Harmless until you factor in the 73-year-old Duterte has long been considered a misogynist with a history of telling rape jokes.

 One such joke Duterte told was about an Australian Missionary who was raped and murdered while he was mayor of the city of Davao:

I was angry that she was raped. But she was so beautiful. The mayor should have been the first. What a waste. 

 Or last year when he said this about rapist being killed for their crime:

What I don't like are kids (being raped.) You can mess with, maybe Miss Universe. Maybe I will even congratulate you for having the balls to rape somebody when you know you are going to die.