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Source: CTV News

Devastated Family Left With Questions After Their Beloved Dog Dies During Delta Layover In Detroit

By Mark LoProto

An eight-year-old Pomeranian is the latest PR disaster in the air travel industry after the small pup named Alejandro was found to have died during a passenger flight. Alejandro was being transported via his carrier and was discovered to have died while in a cargo facility at Detroit Metropolitan Airport.

On May 30th, the small Pomeranian was en route to Newark from Phoenix and passed away during a layover in Michigan. His owner, Michael Dellegrazie, spoke with WDIV-TV and recounted the brief timeline. “When we landed her in Michigan, he was alive at 6:30 a.m., and then at 8:20, he wasn’t moving,” Dellegrazie explains. “We lost a family member.”