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Source: Twitter

Arizona Man Wakes Up One Morning And Can't Remember His Own Wife After 5 Years Of Marriage

By Shannon Walsh

On September 28, 2016, Adam Gonzales woke up with amnesia. He did not recognize his wife, Raquel, whom he had married a little more than a year prior. He did not know who she was, that they were married, or that they had been busy raising three children together. 

According to AZ Central, the amnesia was triggered by a brain injury that Gonzales had suffered five years prior when he was attacked, and that had left him in a coma for four months. Doctors told Gonzales that it was unlikely he'd live. "They were telling my family, ‘If he makes it, he’s going to be a vegetable for the rest of his life,’ ” he said. Adam was strong, however, and beat the odds. He moved to Arizona, met Raquel, and the two hit it off. They married, and enjoyed a loving relationship for a year, before Adam woke up without any recollection of who his wife was. 

Raquel explained to AZ Central, "There were times where Adam said, 'Let’s just get a divorce. If I can’t remember you and I don’t know you’re my wife and I don’t love you anymore, let’s just call it quits.'"