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J.Crew Is Receiving Backlash From Conservatives For A Feminist Children's Shirt

By Mark LoProto

Oh, look. Something completely inoffensive that’s somehow offended someone. This time it’s J.Crew in the Conservative crosshairs for a child’s t-shirt that reads “I am a feminist too.” In case you’ve been in the dark, “feminism” and all of its forms are now dirty political terms.

In an Instagram post, J.Crew showcased the new boy’s t-shirt and was met with a massive backlash, with some comments, like that of billy.kukla, stating J.Crew “lost [their] business.” Elizabethalianted commented “Stop imposing children ideologies, let them think as a child and let them take their own decisions,” which, in a way, kind of sounds like they’d be okay if their child wasn’t for equal rights for women.