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Source: AMC

Andrew Lincoln To Leave 'The Walking Dead' After Season 9—And Fans Aren't Pleased

By Shannon Walsh

Multiple reports have surfaced stating that Andrew Lincoln is leaving AMC's Walking Dead after season 9. Collider reported the news on Tuesday, adding that he'd only be in six episodes of the upcoming season. They added on that they would not share how, exactly, Rick Grimes will exit the show. 

Source: Twitter

The outlet also spoke about how Lincoln's departure is bound to affect ratings. "...  we’ll likely see an even bigger fan fallout when Lincoln leaves in Season 9." And who will replace him as the leading role? Collider reports that series star Norman Reedus will stay on board and take over as the series' star. The Hollywood Reporter dishes that Reedus is in the middle of a $20 million negotiation with AMC for the spot.