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Poor Pluto Can't Catch A Break—Scientists Now Say It Might Not Even Be A Dwarf Planet

By Mark LoProto

If you’re a part of the Pluto fan club - yes, it exists - or frequent the Pluto is a Planet webpage, you may want to sit down for this. You may have reacted unfavorably to the 2006 revelation that Pluto wasn’t a planet, which means you’re going to outrage over what you’re about to hear. 

Are you ready? Scientists believe that Pluto may not even be a dwarf planet.

Hold your screams and cries of injustice for later and just listen. 

In a study published in “Icarus,” a journal for publications on the Solar System, scientists claim to have found similarities between Pluto and the 67P comet that the European Space Agency’s Rosetta spacecraft studied in 2004.