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YouTuber Caspar Lee Shines A Light On Growing Up With Tourette's Syndrome In New Video

By Mark LoProto

In his latest video, British YouTuber Caspar Lee took the time to shine a light on a disease many know little about. Lee gathered a group of young sufferers of Tourette’s and candidly discussed the what it’s like growing up with the syndrome. Caspar and his guests discuss what it’s like growing up with ticks and how to live a normal life with Tourette’s, touching on the aspects of the disorder that aren’t often talked about outwardly.

Not only are the one-on-one interviews lighthearted, they’re informative, showing what everyday life is like for people with Tourette’s. Caspar explains that he was six-years-old when he first discovered he had Tourette’s, which he has in common with one of his delightful guests, Thomas.