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Source: Photo by Amy Brothers/The Denver Post

The Opioid Problem Is So Bad Near Puget Sound That Mussels Are Testing Positive For Oxycodone

By Jonna Ivin-Patton

There is no question that the opioid crisis is out of control. As one family, the Sacklers. earn billions upon billions of dollars from an OxyContin empire, the rest of us are dealing with the ramifications, including contaminated mussels and other seafood. 

Scientists at the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife are now tracing evidence that oxycodone is present off the waters of Seattle. So much so, that mussels are testing positive for the drug. As "filters feeders" mussels absorb the drugs and hold concentrated elements in the tissue. 

By using caged mussels, scientists were able place uncontaminated groups into the Puget Sound and later take those groups in for testing. The scientists places 18 groups, and three came back contaminated with the drug.