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Source: WTVR

Federal Judge Sides With Transgender Teen In Landmark Bathroom Case

By Mark LoProto

In 2015, transgender teen Gavin Grimm filed a lawsuit against the Gloucester County school board in Virginia after he was banned from using the male-designated bathroom. On Tuesday, May 22nd, 2018, a federal judge ruled in Grimm’s favor, stating the school board violated his rights when they refused to let him use the boys’ bathroom.

Grimm was 15-years-old when he first filed the lawsuit after the incident at Gloucester high school, seeking nominal damages and validation that what the school did to him was wrong. Initially, a different federal judge sided with the school board, but an appeals court ruled in Grimm’s favor. The court cited an Obama-era directive that said students could use whichever bathroom corresponded with their gender identity. The Trump administration later overturned the directive, forcing the supreme court to back out of the case.