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Source: Twitter

Guy Dresses Up As Spider-Man For A Gravity-Defying Prom-posal

By Vanessa Nix Anthony

As a result of social media, wedding proposals have become more and more extravagant in recent years—and now the trend is branching out to include prom. 

Yes, the days of simply asking a girl (or boy) to prom appear to be dwindling, as the pressure for teens to make a spectacle of "prom-posal" proportions intensifies. But after this latest gesture,  guys are really going to have to go that extra mile and then some, if they want to make an impact on their would-be dates. 

After all, how can you top asking a girl to prom Spider-Man style?

Check it out:

And apparently the boyfriend's (Adam) commitment will extend beyond the prom-posal: