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"Controversial Church Sign Reads 'Black Folks Need To Stay Out Of White Churches'"

By Dana Levinson

A controversial sign has gone up at the New Era Baptist Church in Birmingham, Alabama. 

On one side, it says...

"Black folks need to stay out of white churches."

On the other, it says...

"White folks refused to be our neighbors."

The pastor of the church, Michael Jordan, took to Facebook to defend his decision to post the controversial message.

The video can be seen here...

Birmingham churches

Birmingham pastor speaks out against Church of the Highlands

Posted by WVTM 13 on Monday, May 14, 2018
Source: Facebook

His reason for posting the sign centered on a white majority mega-church, the Church of the Highlands, deciding to open a satellite congregation in his mostly black neighborhood. The pastor argued that white people have wanted nothing to do with black churches, citing 'white flight' from inner cities, and that while the Church of the Highlands is arguing that they want to bring their church into a black neighborhood to fight crime, the pastor believes that they're doing it to encourage their black congregants to self-segregate. So he wants the mega-church to stay out of the neighborhood. Whether or not this is accurate, the very fact that this church believes that their presence will 'fight crime' is, of course, condescending.

On this point, Pastor Jordan stated...

"If you don't want to live next door to us, you can't fight crime in a city where you don't live."

The mayor of Birmingham, Randall Woodfin, condemned the sign on Twitter...