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Source: Twentieth Century Fox

'Bohemian Rhapsody' Trailer Criticized For Excluding AIDS And Freddie Mercury's Sexuality

By Shannon Walsh

As is the case with many highly anticipated films, the trailer for 20th Century Fox's Bohemian Rhapsody was met with criticism after being released this week. The film is described as a celebration of Freddie Mercury, with specific focus on their lead singer Freddie Mercury. Audiences, however, have noted that the trailer doesn't seem to 'celebrate', or even acknowledge, Mercury's sexuality. 

Writer-producer Bryan Fuller, who created Pushing Daisies and American Gods, slammed the trailer on Twitter, writing, "ANYONE ELSE MILDLY ANNOYED (enough to tweet about it) THAT THE TRAILER FEATURES GAY/BI SUPERSTAR FREDDIE MERCURY FLIRTING WITH AND TWIRLING WITH A WOMAN BUT NO INDICATION OF HIS LOVE OF MEN?"