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Source: Screenshot Twitter @SundayTimesLC

The Author Of That Mega-Viral 'Cat Person' Story Explains The True Events That Inspired It

By Jonna Ivin-Patton

When writer Kristen Roupenian sat down to pen her short story Cat Person she had no idea the tale of bad sex and the dynamics of dating would sweep through the internet like Hurricane Ashley on Cinco De Mayo. Now, nearly a year later, Roupenian is talking about the story and the events prompting her to write the tale of Margot and Robert which became the New Yorkers most read piece of online fiction. 

 Roupenian says it all started with a bad date from an online dating site:

 I went on the date, it went poorly and we got in a fight. And that’s all right, but I thought, 'I'm 35, how did I make this mistake? How did I misread someone so completely? When I was 26 and dating, I was such a mess and everything was terrible. I thought now I would be a mature adult and wouldn’t screw up and would understand when people are garbage right away but instead I felt just as smacked by it and just as confused.

The story of Cat Person revolves around Margot who meets Robert at the movie theater where she works. She gives him her number even though she doesn't find him attractive. Over time they begin a texting relationship that escalates quickly and leads to two awkward dates. On the second date the two sleep together and throughout the event we hear Margot inner dialogue trying to convince herself she is more into him than she really is. After disappointing sex, Margot losses interest and ghosts Robert until her friend steps in, takes her phone and tells him to stop trying to contact Margot. The story ends when Margot sees Robert in a bar and he sends her a series of angry texts.