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Source: Screenshot Twitter @isaacazuelos

Colorful Bench Sparks An Important Discussion About How Society Treats Homeless People

By Jonna Ivin-Patton

When we think of inclusion and equality, we are often only scratching the surface of what that really means. One man in Calgary, Canada noticed a brightly colored rainbow bench that on the surface seems to be a statement of inclusion.

But as Isaac Cazuelos reflected on the bench, he noticed something that made him question how inclusive it really is. The bench is broken up with curved handles, breaking up the length of the seating area. This is a tactic used by many cities in an effort to stop homeless people from being able to lay down and sleep.

Cazuelos took to Twitter to share his thoughts and in the process opened up a much needed discussion about what it means to practice equality for all, especially when we include classism into the mix.