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Source: Brian Fraser/Youtube

Disturbing Video Shows Teen Accused Of Shoplifting Pleading As NYC Security Guard Chokes Him

By Dennis Matthew Livesey

A Century 21 security guard is in custody after using excessive force on a teenager suspected of shoplifting. 

According to police Wilson Acosta and two other security guards pursued Victor Roberson, 19, after he walked out of the downtown department store with two pairs of Prada shoes in his backpack. 

As the security guards detained Roberson, witnesses began recording when things started turning violent. 

 Brian Fraser who recorded the incident and later posted it online said he was afraid for Roberson's life when Acosta began choking him. 

 "He put his hands around his neck and started choking him, covering his mouth and punching him. [Roberson] was saying, ‘I can’t breathe! I can’t breathe!"

In the video Acosta is shown choking and punching Roberson as he is being held down by the two other guards. A bystander can be heard in the background screaming “Get off him! Get off him!” The three guards then dragged Roberson further down the block as other security personnel attempted to disperse the growing crowd.

Roberson was taken into custody when police arrived on scene, but after reviewing footage of the incident they later arrested Acosta, charging him with assault.