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Source: Game of Thrones/Reddit

A Computer Algorithm Just Predicted The Characters Who Won't Make It Through Next Season Of Game Of Thrones

By Vanessa Nix Anthony

Remember in high school when you were sitting in algebra wondering how math would be helpful in real-world applications? You may have even summoned the courage to ask the teacher for an example of how math could be applied out of the classroom. No doubt the teacher offered some feeble answer about grocery shopping or taxes. You nodded, but in the back of your mind you were still thinking, "I'm never going to use this." 

Well, forget all that because now math is serving a higher purpose, one that at least Game of Thrones (GoT) fans can get down with. It's an algorithm, designed to predict who will survive the final season of the HBO hit and who will perish and it has fans—well, split .

Taylor Larkin is the data scientist behind the creation of this complex algorithm. Larkin, who works at the Boston-based, DataRobot, an automated machine learning platform, based his work on data he mined via a Wiki fanbase detailing 2,000 living and dead characters from A Song of Ice and Fire, the book series on which GoT is based. 

Take a look:  

Here's the cheat sheet, if you just can't wait: