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Source: @TauraEire/Twitter

People Share The Most Insensitive Thing Anyone Has Ever Said To Them About Mental Illness

By Vanessa Nix Anthony

Being open about a mental health issue isn't always easy. But when met with comments that are ignorant, off the mark, or just plain insensitive, it's enough to make a person regret they ever spoke about it at all. 

Recently, Hattie Gladwell, a reporter for the UK newspaper, Metro, asked people to share, "the most unhelpful/insensitive thing someone has said to you about your mental illness." To get things started, she volunteered one of her own, using #ThingsPeopleHaveSaidAboutMyMentalIllness.

It didn't take long, for those who could commiserate with Gladwell, to share similar stories.

Read Gladwell's original Tweet:

Here's a smattering of what people said: