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Source: CP 24

Woman's Racist Tirade Caught On Video At Denny's--Now She Claims That's Not Who She Is. Sure.

By Mark LoProto

While dining at a Lethbridge Denny’s recently, Kelly Pocha overheard the party in the booth behind her speaking in their native language. This was enough to provoke her as she assumed they were making fun of her. 

The shocking video shows Pocha’s anger-fueled rant, where she frequently repeats that she’s a “Canadian woman” and orders the other patrons to “Go back to your fucking country.” 

Her violent rant was captured by one of the men, who frequently insisted that they, too, were Canadian.

Every culture and every human being should be respected it does not matter what color you are where you came from please share this video thank you

Posted by Monir Omerzai on Tuesday, May 8, 2018